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As in every area of life we can also make ethical choices in floristry and I am excited to be building my sustainable story. 

Like many other florists I prefer to use British grown flowers and work hard to find and connect with local growers whenever possible. Not only does this reduce my carbon footprint it also means that I am able to gather the more unusual, beautiful, fragile & often scented flowers that we all love so much.    

Out of season I try to source from certified importers committed to fair trade.

I never use plastic or floral foam, working instead with biodegradable and compostable products and using sustainable mechanics which normally involve large quantities of British grown moss and chicken wire. I work hard to re-cycle and re-purpose wherever possible.

I have begun growing my own  flower field which is hugely exciting. I don't use any chemicals or pesticides and it is a joy to see the butterflies and the bees enjoying the flowers as much as we are.  

We have 3 alpacas who are excellent producers of fertiliser which we are using along with our chicken manure.  

Living in the countryside I also appreciate how very fortunate I am, to be able to forage responsibly and with permission.

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